Create a Solid Cone

You can create a solid cone with a circular or an elliptical base tapering to a point. You can also create a cone frustum, which tapers to a circular or elliptical planar face that is parallel to its base.

Show Me: Create and Modify a Cone

Click the Play arrow to start the animation. For more information about modifying cones and other solid primitives, see Manipulate Individual Solids and Surfaces.

By default, the cone's base lies on the XY plane of the current UCS. The height of the cone is parallel to the Z axis.

You can use the Axis Endpoint option of the CONE command to determine the height and orientation of the cone. The axis endpoint is the top point of the cone or the center of the top face if the Top Radius options is used. The axis endpoint can be located anywhere in 3D space

With the 3P (Three Points) option of the CONE command, you can define the base of the cone by specifying three points anywhere in 3D space.

Use the Top Radius option of the CONE command to create a cone frustum, which tapers to an elliptical or planar face.

To create a conical solid that requires a specific angle to define its sides, draw a 2D circle and then use EXTRUDE and the Taper Angle option to taper the circle at an angle along the Z axis. This method, however, creates an extruded solid, not a true solid cone primitive.