Create a Polysolid

A polysolid is drawn the same way you draw a polyline. By default, a polysolid always has a rectangular profile. You can specify the height and width of the profile. Use POLYSOLID to create walls in your model.

With the POLYSOLID command, you can also create a polysolid from an existing line, 2D polyline, arc, or circle.

Show Me: Create a Polysolid from a Polyline

Click the Play arrow to start the animation.

A polysolid can have curved segments, but the profile is always rectangular by default.

When drawing a polysolid, you can use the Arc option to add arc segments to the polysolid. You can use the Close option to close the solid between the first and last specified points.

The PSOLWIDTH system variable sets the default width for polysolids. The PSOLHEIGHT system variable sets the default height.

When you use an existing object to create the polysolid, the DELOBJ system variable controls whether the path is automatically deleted when the solid is created or whether you are prompted to delete the object.

Polysolids are swept solids (solids that are drawn with a specified profile along the specified path) and display as swept solids in the Properties palette.