Create a Solid or Surface by Revolving

With the REVOLVE command, you can create a solid or surface by revolving open or closed objects about an axis. The revolved objects define the profile of the solid or surface.

If you revolve a closed object, the result is a solid. If you revolve an open object, the result is a surface.

You can revolve more than one object at a time.

When you revolve objects, you can specify any of the following as the axis about which to revolve the objects:

You can use the following objects when you use REVOLVE:

Objects that Can Be Revolved

Objects that Can Be Used as an Axis of Revolution




Linear polyline segment

Elliptical arc

Linear edge of a surface

2D polyline

Linear edge of a solid

2D spline






3D faces


2D solid






Planar surface


Planar face of solid


NoteYou can select faces on solids or surfaces by pressing and holding CTRL, and then selecting one or more faces.

If you want to create a solid using a profile made up of lines or arcs that meet a polyline, use the PEDIT Join option to convert them to a single polyline object before you use REVOLVE. If you don’t convert these objects to a single polyline, a surface will be created when you revolve them.

You cannot use REVOLVE on objects contained within a block or polylines that have crossing or intersecting segments.