Create Solids and Surfaces from Objects

You can create surfaces from existing objects in your drawing.

With the CONVTOSURFACE command, you can convert any of the following objects into surfaces:

You can create surfaces from 3D solids with curved faces, such as a cylinder, with the EXPLODE command.

You can use the PLANESURF command to create a planar surface. Use either of the following methods:

When you specify the corners of the surface, the surface is created parallel to the workplane.

You can use the CONVTOSOLID command to convert the following objects into extruded 3D solids:

NoteYou cannot use CONVTOSOLID with polylines that contain vertices with 0 width or that contain segments of variable width.

The DELOBJ system variable controls whether the objects you select are automatically deleted when the surface is created or whether you are prompted to delete the objects.