Copy, Delete, and Color Faces on 3D Solids

You can use SOLIDEDIT to copy or remove faces from a 3D solid object. You can use the Properties palette to change the color of faces on 3D solid objects.

Copy and Delete Faces

When you use SOLIDEDIT to copy faces on a 3D solid object, selected faces are copied as regions or bodies. If you specify two points, the first point is used as a base point and a single copy is placed relative to the base point. If you specify a single point, and then press ENTER, the original selection point is used as a base point and the next point as a point of displacement.

You can delete a face that is surrounded by coplanar faces by either selecting and deleting the face or through the ERASE command. You can also use SOLIDEDIT to remove faces.

Color Faces

You can modify the color of a face on a 3D solid by selecting the face and then changing the Color property in the Properties palette.