Modify Vertices on 3D Solids

You can select and modify vertices on 3D solids. Clicking and dragging a vertex “stretches” the 3D object.

You can also modify the entire form of a 3D solid by modifying one or more vertices through grips, grip tools, or the MOVE, ROTATE, or SCALE commands. When you scale vertices, you must scale two or more vertices to see a change in the solid.

If you move, rotate, or scale one or more vertices on a 3D solid primitive, the solid primitive’s history is removed. The solid is no longer a true primitive and cannot be manipulated as such (through grips and the Properties palette).

You can also delete vertices that connect two edges that are parallel and co-linear and do not lie on any other edges.

Vertex Modification Options

As you drag a vertex, press CTRL to cycle through modification options.

When you move, rotate, or scale a vertex without pressing CTRL, some adjacent planar faces may be triangulated (divided into two or more planar triangular faces).

When you move, rotate, or scale a vertex and press and release CTRL once, some adjacent planar faces may be adjusted.

If you press and release CTRL a second time, the modification returns to the first option, as if you had not pressed CTRL.

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