Add Edges and Faces to Solids

You can modify the appearance of a face on a 3D solid by imprinting it with an object that intersects the selected face. Imprinting combines the object with the face, creating an edge.

Show Me: Add an Edge, Dividing One Face Into Two

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With the IMPRINT command, you can create new faces on 3D solids by imprinting arcs, circles, lines, 2D and 3D polylines, ellipses, splines, regions, bodies, and 3D solids. For example, if a circle intersects with a 3D solid, you can imprint the intersecting curves on the solid. You can delete or retain the original imprinted objects to be used for further editing. The imprinted object must intersect a face or faces on the selected solid in order for the imprinting to be successful.

In some cases, it not be possible to move, rotate, or scale the following subobjects, and imprinted edges and faces may get lost when you move, rotate, or scale the following subobjects:

NoteWhen you imprint an edge on a solid face, you can only move the edges of the imprinted face within the plane of the face.