Section 3D Solids

You can create a cross section through a 3D solid. The result can be a two-dimensional object that represents the shape of the section. You also have the option of using a cutting plane, called a section object that lets you see the cut profile of intersected solids in real-time.

With the SECTION command, you can create a cross section through a solid. You specify three points to define the plane of the cross section. You can also define the cross-sectional plane with another object, the current view, the Z axis, or the XY, YZ, or ZX plane. The cross-sectional plane is placed on the current layer.

With the SECTIONPLANE command, you can create a section object that acts as a cutting plane through solids, surfaces, or regions (two-dimensional areas created from closed shapes or loops). If you turn on live sectioning, moving the section object throughout the 3D model in model space reveals inner details in real-time.

To create a section object, you move the cursor over any face of a 3D model and click to automatically place the section object. You can also pick points to create a straight cutting plane, or pick multiple points to create one with jogged segments. Another method is to specify an orthographic view, such as front, top, or back.