Overview of Creating Text

The text you add to your drawings conveys a variety of information. It may be a complex specification, title block information, a label, or even part of the drawing.

Single-Line Text

For short entries that do not require multiple fonts or lines, create single-line text. Single-line text is most convenient for labels.

Multiline Text

For long, complex entries, create multiline, or paragraph text. Multiline text consists of any number of text lines or paragraphs that fit within a width you specify; it can extend vertically to an indefinite length.

Regardless of the number of lines, each set of paragraphs created in a single editing session forms a single object, which you can move, rotate, erase, copy, mirror, or scale.

There are more editing options for multiline text than there are for single-line text. For example, you can apply underlining, fonts, color, and text height changes to individual characters, words, or phrases within a paragraph.

Annotative Text

Use annotative text for notes and labels in your drawing. You create annotative text by using an annotative text style, which sets the height of the text on the paper.

For more information about creating and working with an annotative text, see Create Annotative Text.

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