Create Lists in Multiline Text

You can create bulleted lists, lettered or numbered lists, or simple outlines in multiline text.

Lines of multiline text can be formatted as a list. When you add or delete an item, or move an item up or down a level, the list numbering automatically adjusts. You can remove and reapply list formatting with the same method as used in most text editors.

Use Automatic List Formatting

By default, list formatting is applied to all text that looks like a list. Text that meets all the following criteria is considered to be a list:

NoteIf you do not want list formatting applied to all text that fits the criteria, clear the Allow Bullets and Lists option. (Right-click in the In-Place Text Editor, click Bullets and Lists, and clear Allow Bullets and Lists.) When Allow Bullets and Lists is not checked, you cannot create new formatted lists in the multiline text object.

To create a list, use one of the following methods:

Apply List Formatting

When you apply list formatting, you can specify bullets, uppercase or lowercase letters, or numbers. Default settings are used for the type of list you choose. Letters or numbers are followed by a period. Nested lists use a double bullet, letter, or number. Items are indented based on the tab stops on the ruler in the In-Place Text Editor.

Use Auto-list to Type a List

When Auto-list is on, you can create a list as you type. You can use letters, numbers, or symbols. For example, you can type 421., press TAB, and enter some text. When you press ENTER, the next line starts with 422, a period, and a TAB space.

The following characters can be used as punctuation after the number or letter when you type a list but cannot be used as bullets:








Close parenthesis


Close angle bracket


Close square bracket


Close curly bracket

Paste a List from Another Document

If you copy a nested bulleted list (a list within a list) from Microsoft Word and paste the list into multiline text, the bullets that are displayed as empty circles cannot be formatted like other bullets in multiline text. This is because Word uses the letter o instead of a bullet for nested bulleted lists. You can remove formatting from the nested list and reapply to change the bullets to double bullets.