Format Multiline Text in an Alternate Text Editor

If you use an alternate text editor, you apply formatting by entering format codes. You can underline text, add a line over text, and create stacked text. You can also change color, font, and text height. You can change the spaces between text characters or increase the width of the characters themselves. To apply formatting, use the format codes shown in the following table.

Format codes for paragraphs

Format code


Enter this …

To produce this …


Turns overline on

and off

Autodesk \OAutoCAD\o


Turns underline on

and off

Autodesk \LAutoCAD\l


Inserts a nonbreaking


Autodesk AutoCAD\~LT


Inserts a backslash

Autodesk \\AutoCAD


Inserts an opening and closing brace

Autodesk \{AutoCAD\}


Changes to the

specified color

Autodesk \C2;AutoCAD

\File name;

Changes to the

specified font file

Autodesk \Ftimes; AutoCAD


Changes to the text

height specified in

drawing units

Autodesk \H2;AutoCAD


Changes the text height

to a multiple of the

current text height

Autodesk \H3x;AutoCAD


Stacks the subsequent text at the /, #, or ^ symbol



Adjusts the space between characters. Valid values range from a minimum of .75 to 4 times the original spacing between characters.



Changes obliquing angle



Changes width factor to produce wide text



Sets the alignment value; valid values: 0, 1, 2

(bottom, center, top)



Ends paragraph


Braces can be nested up to eight levels deep.

You can also use control codes to add special characters, such as tolerance or dimensioning symbols. See MTEXT.

Example: Formatting Text in an Alternate Text Editor

This example describes how the text in the following illustration was created.

Each line below was entered in an alternate text editor:

{{\H1.5x; Big text} \A2; over text\A1;/\A0; under text}\P 
{\A0;Baseline: 1 \S1/2;}\P 
{\A1;Center: 1 \S1/2;}\P 
{\A2;Topline: 1 \S1/2;}\P 
{Tolerances: \A1;1.000\H.75x;\S+0.010^-0.000;}\P 
{Architectural: 9-{\H.666x;\A2;11\A1;/\A0;16}\A2;"}\P