Set Shaded Viewport and Plot Options for a Layout

Shaded viewport and plot options settings affect how objects are plotted and are saved in the page setup.

Shaded viewport and plot options affect how objects are plotted. The options for shaded viewport plotting give you a large degree of flexibility in conveying your three-dimensional designs to others. You can convey your design intent by choosing how viewports are plotted and by specifying resolution levels.

Shaded Viewport Plotting Options

With shaded plotting options, you can choose whether to plot a set of shaded objects using the As Displayed, Wireframe, Hidden, or Rendered option.

Shaded viewport plotting options apply to all objects in viewports and model space. If you use the Shaded or Rendered options, plot style tables included in the page setup do not affect plots. If you use the Render option, two-dimensional wireframe objects, such as lines, arcs, and text, are not plotted.

NoteShaded viewport plotting requires a raster-capable device. Most modern plotters and printers are raster-capable devices.

Plot Options

The following options that can be specified for layouts affect how objects are plotted.

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