Determine the Drawing Orientation of a Layout

You can specify the orientation of the drawing on the paper using the Landscape and Portrait settings. Landscape orients the drawing on the paper so that the long edge of the paper is horizontal, and Portrait orients the paper so that the short edge is horizontal. Changing the orientation creates the effect of rotating the paper underneath the drawing.

In either landscape or portrait orientation, you can select Plot Upside-Down to control whether the top or bottom of the drawing is plotted first.

Although you can specify the drawing orientation in both the Page Setup dialog box and the Plot dialog box, the Page Setup settings are always saved and reflected in the layout. In the Plot dialog box, you can override the page setup settings for a single plot; however, the settings you apply are not saved in the layout. To save the settings you apply using the Plot dialog box, click the Apply to Layout button in the Plot dialog box.

If you change the drawing orientation, the layout origin remains in the lower-left corner of the rotated page.