Use Color-Dependent Plot Style Tables

By using color-dependent plot styles to control how objects are plotted, you ensure that all objects that share the same color are plotted the same way.

When a drawing uses color-dependent plot style tables, you cannot assign a plot style to individual objects or layers. Instead, to assign plot style properties to an object, you change the color of the object or layer.

You can assign color-dependent plot style tables to layouts. You can use several predefined color-dependent plot style tables, edit existing plot style tables, or create your own.

Color-dependent plot style tables are stored in the Plot Styles folder and have a .ctb extension.

Use Predefined Color-Dependent Plot Style Tables

Several color-dependent plot style tables are installed in the Plot Styles folder, also known as the Plot Style Manager.




Default plot style table


Sets first 9 colors to use first 9 fill patterns, all others to use object's fill


Converts all colors to grayscale when plotted


Plots all colors as black


Applies no plot style table

screening 100%.ctb

Uses 100% ink for all colors

screening 75%.ctb

Uses 75% ink for all colors

screening 50%.ctb

Uses 50% ink for all colors

screening 25%.ctb

Uses 25% ink for all colors

NoteYou can assign a color-dependent plot style table to a layout only if the drawing has been set to use color-dependent plot style tables.
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