Use Named Plot Styles

Named plot styles are assigned to objects and layers in the same way that linetype and color are assigned to objects.

An object whose plot style is set to BYLAYER inherits the plot style assigned to its layer.

Use the Properties palette to change an object's plot style and the Layer Properties Manager to change the plot style for a layer.

Because different plot style tables can be assigned to each layout and a named plot style table can contain any number of plot styles, an object or layer may have a plot style assigned to it that is not in every plot style table. In this case, the plot style as missing in the Select Plot Style dialog box; the object's default plotting properties are used. For example, named plot style table Style1 contains plot styles A and B. Named plot style table Style2 contains plot styles B and C. In a layout that uses Style1, any objects that use plot style C are listed as having a missing plot style. Objects that are assigned plot style C in this layout are plotted using their default settings.