Plot Adobe PDF Files

Using the DWG to PDF driver, you can create Adobe. Portable Document Format (PDF) files from drawings.

The Adobe. Portable Document Format (PDF) is a standard for electronic information exchange. PDF files can be easily distributed for viewing and printing in the Adobe Reader available from the Adobe website without cost. Using PDF files, you can share drawings with virtually anyone.

Like DWF6 files, PDF files are generated in a vector-based format, for maintaining precision. Drawings that are converted to PDF can be easily distributed for viewing and printing in Adobe Reader, versions 6 or later.

Use the custom Properties dialog box in the Plotter Configuration Editor to customize the output. To display this dialog box, on the Device and Document Settings tab, in the tree view, select Custom Properties. Then under Access Custom Dialog, click the Custom Properties button.

You can customize the PDF output by specifying resolution. In the Custom Properties dialog box in the Plotter Configuration Editor, you can specify the resolution for vector and raster images ranging from 150 dpi to a maximum of 4800 dpi. You can also specify custom resolutions for vector, gradient, color, and black and white output.

NoteAlthough transparent objects and wipeouts are displayed correctly in the PDF viewer, they may not print with the same visual fidelity when default print settings are used. If your drawing contains transparent objects, you may need to adjust some settings in Adobe Acrobat. Set Transparency Flattening to "Print as Image" or reduce the Raster/Vector Balance in Adobe Acrobat. Refer to the Adobe documentation for more information.
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