Publish a Sheet Set

From the Sheet Set Manager, you can easily publish an entire sheet set, a subset of a sheet set, or a single sheet. If you want to publish a sheet set that you've set up in the Sheet Set Manager, it's much quicker to publish the sheet set directly from the Sheet Set Manager, rather than starting from the Publish dialog box.

When you publish from the Sheet Set Manager, you can publish an electronic sheet set by publishing to a DWF file, or you can publish a paper set by publishing to the plotter named in the page setup that is associated with each drawing sheet. You can also publish your sheets using a page setup that is saved in the page setup overrides DWT file associated with the sheet set. This page setup overrides the current page setup settings for the individual publish job.

When you open the Publish dialog box from the Sheet Set Manager, the Publish dialog box automatically lists the sheets you selected in the sheet set. You can then modify the sheet set for publishing.

NoteYou can specify that sheets are sent to the plotter in reverse order. This option is available from the Publish dialog box and from the Sheet Set Manager.
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