Track External Reference Operations (Log File)

You can maintain a record of actions while attaching, detaching, and reloading xrefs and while loading a drawing containing xrefs.

The program can maintain a log of its actions while attaching, detaching, and reloading xrefs and while loading a drawing containing xrefs. This log is maintained only if the XREFCTL system variable is set to 1. The default setting is 0.

The log file is an ordinary ASCII text file with the same name as the current drawing and the file extension .xlg. If you load a drawing with the file name sample.dwg, for example, the program searches for a log file named sample.xlg in the current folder. If the file does not exist, a new file is created with that name.

Once a log file has been created for a drawing, the program continues to append information to it. The program writes a title block to the log file each time the file is opened. If the log file becomes too large, you can delete it.

Example: A Sample Title Block from an Xref Log File

This title block contains the name of the current drawing, the date and time, and the operation being performed.

Drawing: detail
Date/Time: 09/28/99 10:45:20
Operation: Attach Xref

During a detaching or reloading operation, the program prints the nesting level of all affected xrefs immediately following the title block. To see a reference tree for a set of xrefs in your current drawing, use Detach or Reload and check the resulting entries in the log file.

Example: A Sample Log File Entry Showing Nested Xrefs

In the following example, the xref ENTRY_DR contains two nested xrefs: HARDWARE and PANELS. The xrefs HARDWARE and PANELS also each contain two xrefs.

Drawing: detail
Date/Time: 10/05/99 15:47:39
Operation: Reload Xref 
Reference tree for ENTRY_DR:

--HINGES		 Xref
-PANELS			Xref
--UPPER			Xref
--LOWER			Xref

The program writes an entry in the log file for each xref-dependent named object temporarily added to the current drawing and for any errors that occur. Most error messages are written both to the screen and to the log file.

Example: A Sample Log File That Shows the Results of Attaching an Xref

The following example shows a partial listing of the log file entries generated when the external reference STAIR is attached to the working drawing test.dwg. The log file lists the definition (symbol) table affected and the name of the definition added, along with a status message.

Drawing: test
Date/Time: 12/18/99 14:06:34
Operation: Attach Xref
	Searching in ACAD search path
	Update block symbol table:
	 Appending symbol: STAIR|BOLT
	 Appending symbol: STAIR|BOLT-HALF
	block update complete.
	Update Ltype symbol table:
	 Appending symbol: STAIR|DASHED
	 Appending symbol: STAIR|CENTER
	 Appending symbol: STAIR|PHANTOM
	Ltype update complete.
	Update Layer symbol table:
	 Appending symbol: STAIR|STEEL-HIDDEN
	 Appending symbol: STAIR|OAK
	Layer update complete.
STAIR loaded.