Export OLE Objects from Drawings

You can link or embed a view of a drawing in another application that supports OLE.

Link Views to Other Documents

A drawing can be a source document linked to one or more documents in other applications. The COPYLINK command copies the view in the current viewport to the Clipboard. You can then paste the view into the destination document.

If you paste an unnamed view into a document, it is assigned a view name such as OLE1. If you then exit the drawing, you are prompted to save your changes to the newly named view. To establish the link and to save the view name, OLE1, you must save the drawing.

Embed Drawing Objects in Other Documents

You can select objects and embed them in documents created by other applications. Embedding places a copy of the selected objects in the destination document. If you use AutoCAD to edit the OLE object from within the destination document, the object is not updated in the original drawing.