Import 3DS Files

You can import a 3DS file created with 3D Studio.. 3D Studio geometry and rendering data are read, which includes meshes, materials, mapping, lights, and cameras. 3D Studio procedural materials, smoothing groups, and keyframe data cannot be imported.

Imported objects are assigned a color as close as possible to the object's 3D Studio color.

For lights and materials, use CONVERTOLDLIGHTS and CONVERTOLDMATERIALS. 3D Studio lights are converted to the nearest equivalent. Ambient light loses its color. Omni lights become point lights. Spotlights become spotlights. 3D Studio cameras become named views.

If the name of any 3D Studio object conflicts with a name already in the AutoCAD drawing, the 3D Studio name is assigned a sequence number to resolve the conflict. The name might be truncated to resolve the conflict.