Edit Data in a Database Table

In the Data View window, you can search database records for a particular value, and you can add, delete, or change records.

If you have opened a database table in Edit mode, you can edit its data in a number of ways. You can add or delete records, or edit a record's values. You can also search a particular column for occurrences of a specific value.

NoteThe Find option limits its search to records contained in the same column as the currently selected cell. There is no way to issue a global Find command that searches the entire database table for a specific value. You must select individual cells in any additional columns you want to search and click Find.

Changes that you make to individual records in a database table are not written to the database until you commit them. The Commit option updates the database table currently loaded in the Data View window with any changes that you make during an editing session and closes the Data View window. The Restore option undoes any changes you made in the Data View window during an editing session and closes the Data View window.

NoteIf you quit the program, open a new database table, or close the Data View window before committing changes you've made to a database table, the program automatically commits all changes you've made during an editing session.

To help you track your editing during a work session, changed records are marked with an edit icon. You can easily review your changes before committing them to the source database table.