Use SQL Queries

If your database is fully compliant with the SQL 92 standard, you can use SQL statements to query more than one database table at a time.

The SQL Query tab provides you with both a query editor box where you can enter a free-form SQL query and a set of tools to assist you in constructing a query. You can issue any valid SQL statement that conforms with Microsoft's implementation of the SQL 92 protocol from this tab. Because not all database management systems are fully compliant with the SQL 92 standard, you should review your system's documentation to see what SQL commands are valid for your particular database.

Unlike the other tabs in the Query Editor, the SQL Query tab can be used to construct a query that performs relational operations on multiple database tables using the SQL join operator. Because joins are a relatively advanced SQL operation, refer to your database system documentation or to the SQL 92 protocol for information about working with joins.

The following additional interface elements are introduced on the SQL Query tab: