Combine Queries

An advanced type of query uses operators on successive selection sets to return a new set of objects or records, which then can be further refined by the same process.

Link Select is an advanced implementation of the Query Editor that constructs iterative selection sets of graphical objects and database records.

Link Select creates an ongoing selection set that you refine with additional information through a running iterative process. You begin either by constructing a query or by selecting graphical objects. This initial selection set is referred to as set A. You can now select additional graphical objects or issue a query to further refine your selection set. This second selection set is referred to as set B. You must establish a relationship between set A and set B to further refine the selection set. The following relationships or set operations are available:

After you apply one of the set operations, the returned results become the new running selection and are assigned to set A. You can continue the iterative process by creating additional B sets to further refine your Link Select set.