Work with Links in Files from Earlier Releases

You can convert ASE links in drawings from Releases 12, 13, and 14 to AutoCAD 2000 or later format. You can save AutoCAD 2000 links in Release 13 and Release 14 format.

Because AutoCAD 2000 and later releases store links in a different format than previous releases, you need to convert your links if you plan on using them with AutoCAD 2000 and later. Note the changes in terminology: key value replaces key column in Release 14; link template replaces link path name; and label replaces displayable attribute. You also need to create a configuration file that points to the data source referenced by the legacy links.

When you open a drawing that contains legacy links, the program attempts to perform an automatic conversion of the legacy information. If, for example, you open a Release 14 drawing that contains links that point to a data source with the structure, the progam attempts to establish an exact, one-to-one mapping of the data source components.

In some cases, the legacy data source might not match exactly how the data source is configured. For example, the legacy data source might specify a catalog that isn't specified in the data source. If the automatic link conversion is unsuccessful, you can use the Link Conversion dialog box to establish a mapping between the legacy and new data sources. You can also use the Link Template Properties dialog box to specify new data source parameters for a selected link template.

During the conversion process, the data source mapping information is written to a file called asi.ini. You can manually edit the conversion mapping information specified in this file, if necessary.

NoteThe program attempts to automatically convert legacy links only for data sources that don't have mapping values specified in the asi.ini file. Once you have specified conversion mappings for a particular data source, the program uses the settings specified in the asi.ini file for any additional legacy drawings you open that contain links that reference this data source.

Save Links to Earlier Formats

Links that you have created in AutoCAD 2000 and later can be converted to Release 13 or Release 14 links. AutoCAD 2000 and later links cannot be converted to Release 12 format. When you use SAVEAS to save a drawing in the current format that contains links to Release 13 or Release 14 format, the links are automatically converted to the appropriate drawing format. You must specify a conversion mapping as described above.