Add a Password to a Drawing

A password can be a single word, or a phrase. It is recommended that you use common characters. The more characters you use, the harder it is for an unauthorized program, or “password cracker,” to determine the password.

When you add a password to a drawing, you can choose whether to encrypt drawing properties, and you can specify an encryption type and key length.

After you add a password to a drawing and save the drawing, the password is required before any program or part of a program can read the data in the drawing, even if the drawing is an external reference. A specific password generally is required to be entered once per session.

If you encrypt drawing properties, such as the title, author, subject, and keywords, then a password is required to view the properties and thumbnail preview of the drawing. If you decide to specify an encryption type and key length, you can select them from the ones available on your computer.

NoteSettings for a password apply only to the current drawing.