Use the Publish to Web Wizard to Create Web Pages

The Publish to Web wizard simplifies the process of creating DWF files and formatting them for display in HTML pages.

The Publish to Web wizard provides a simplified interface for creating formatted web pages that include DWF, JPEG, or PNG images of drawings.

Using Publish to Web, you can quickly and easily create an attractively formatted web page, even if you are not familiar with HTML coding. After creating a web page, you can post it to an Internet or intranet location.

Following are some examples of ways in which you can use the Publish to Web wizard to create a web page:

For information about using i-drop to create an i-drop handle on a website, see the i-drop documentation on the Autodesk website at

NoteYou can also customize the template you use for your web page. For more information about customizing templates, see Customize a Publish to Web Template in the Customization Guide.