View Markups

You use the Markup Set Manager to view and manage markups. To view the markups in your designs, you must load the markup set into the Markup Set Manager.

A markup set is a group of markups contained within a single DWF file. When you load a markup set into the Markup Set Manager, the tree view displays each marked-up drawing sheet and its associated markups. In the Markup Set Manager, you can select individual markups, and you can view their status and other details, such as the creator of the markup, the date and time that it was created, and any comments associated with the markup.

Other types of markups that can be created in Autodesk Design Review that may appear in the DWF file are text blocks, redline geometry, dimensions, and stamps. However, only comments have a status and are shown in the Markup Set Manager.

With Autodesk Design Review, you can modify DWF files in the following ways:

If the markup set you open is contained in a DWF file that has had sheets added to it, deleted from it, or rearranged within it in Autodesk Design Review, the new order will be reflected in the Markup Set Manager. Any sheets that were added to the DWF file in Autodesk Design Review are listed in italics. When you double-click either a sheet that was added in Autodesk Design Review or a markup for that sheet, that sheet in the DWF file will open in Autodesk DWF Viewer (or in Autodesk Design Review, if you have it installed).

If you try to load a markup set by opening a DWF file that does not contain markups, you won't be able to open the DWF file in AutoCAD. You can, however, open the DWF file in Autodesk DWF Viewer.

When you double-click a model space markup in the Markup Set Manager, the original drawing file opens in model space and reverts to the view rotation that was current when the drawing was published. If you then change the view rotation, the markups will not be shown in the drawing until you double-click a model space markup and revert to the published view.

Using the Markup Set Manager, you can specify what is displayed in the drawing area. You can show or hide the originating drawing file, the reviewed DWF file geometry, and the redline geometry. This allows you to view the redline geometry, turn it off to make the changes in your drawing file, and then view the redline geometry again in AutoCAD to check your corrections.

Following are some recommendations for viewing markups:

NoteYou can view markups in AutoCAD only if the marked-up DWF file was originally created in AutoCAD 2005 or later. You must also have the original drawing file to view its markups in AutoCAD. Marked-up DWF files originally created from earlier versions of AutoCAD can be opened in Autodesk DWF Viewer.