Respond to Markups

Once you have reviewed markups, you can change their status and add comments that are saved with the markup.

In the Markup Set Manager, when you select an individual markup in the tree view, the Markup Details area displays information about the markup. You can change the status of the markup in this area, or you can right-click a markup and click an option on the Status shortcut menu.

The default status for new markups is <None>. You can change a markup's status to Question, For Review, or Closed.

In the Markup Set Manager, in the Notes area under Markup Details, you can add comments or notes for the selected markup.

Changes in markup status and added comments are automatically saved in the DWF file and included when you republish it. You can also save markup changes by right-clicking the markup set node and clicking Save Markup History Changes on the shortcut menu.