Adjust Light Placement

After a light has been placed in a scene the position and target can be modified.

The light, which is represented by a light glyph, can be repositioned after it is placed in the drawing. The light can be moved and rotated; the target can be modified. When the light glyph is selected, grips are displayed.

By selecting the light with a right-click, a shortcut menu is displayed that provides the following options for adjusting the placement of a light:

NoteRotating a targeted light is useful for aligning the area shadow region appropriately. Also, the orientation of the area shadow light is reset when the position or the target of the light is changed.

Location (Point Lights and Spotlights)

You can use the grip labeled Position to move a point light or a spotlight, or you can set the location in the Properties palette. The Position grip moves the light but does not change the target. To move both the light and its target, drag the light glyph itself.