Create Annotative Text

Use annotative text for notes and labels in your drawing. You create annotative text by using an annotative text style, which sets the height of the text on the paper.

The current annotation scale automatically determines the display size of the text in model space or paper space viewports.

For example, you want text to display at a height of 3/16" on the paper, so you can define a text style to have a paper height of 3/16". When you add text to a viewport that has a scale of 1/2"=1'0", the current annotation scale, which is set to the same scale as the viewport’s, automatically scales the text to display appropriately at 4.5".

You can also change existing nonannotative text to annotative by changing the text’s Annotative property to Yes. This applies to any text created through text styles or through the TEXT and MTEXT commands.

You can set the orientation of annotative text objects to match the orientation of the paper. For more information about setting the orientation of annotative objects, see Set Orientation for Annotations.

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