Work with Annotative Styles

You can minimize the steps to annotate a drawing by using annotative styles.

Annotative text, dimension, and multileader styles create annotative objects.

The dialog boxes used to define these objects contain an Annotative check box where you can make the styles annotative. Annotative styles display a special icon before their names in dialog boxes and the Properties palette.

You should specify the Paper Height value for any annotative text styles you create. The Paper Height setting specifies the height of the text in paper space.

NoteIf you’ve specified the Paper Height value for a dimension or multileader style, this setting overrides the text style Paper Height setting.

If you redefine styles to be annotative or nonannotative, existing objects that reference those styles are not automatically updated to reflect the annotative property of the style or definition. Use the ANNOUPDATE command to update the existing objects to the current Annotative properties of the style.

When you change the Style property of an existing object (whether it’s annotative or nonannotative), the object’s annotative properties will match that of the new style. If the style does not have a fixed height (the Height value is 0), the paper height of the object is calculated based on the object’s current height and the annotation scale.

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