Display Annotative Objects

For model space or a layout viewport, you can display all the annotative objects or only those that support the current annotation scale.

This reduces the need to use multiple layers to manage the visibility of your annotations.

You use the Annotation Visibility button on the right side of the application or drawing status bar to choose the display setting for annotative objects.

Show Me: Set Annotation Visibility

Click the Play arrow to start the animation.

Annotation visibility is turned on by defalut. When annotation visibility is turned on, all annotative objects are displayed. When annotation visibility is turned off , only annotative objects for the current scale are displayed.

In general, you should turn off annotation visibility, except when inspecting a drawing created by another person or when adding scales to existing annotative objects.

Annotation visibility is also controlled by the ANNOALLVISIBLE system variable.

In order for an annotative object to be visible, the layer the object is on must be turned on.

If an object supports more than one annotation scale, the object will display at the current scale.

When the MSLTSCALE system variable is set to 1 (default), linetypes displayed on the model tab are scaled by the annotation scale

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