Lights Dashboard

The Lights dashboard gives you quick access to basic lighting functions.

The Lights panel normally is displayed in its collapsed state when you first open a drawing. If the dashboard is not displayed, use the command Type in Dashboard at the Command prompt or select the Tools>>Palettes>>Dashboard from the pull-down menu.

Icons Available on the Dashboard

View Port Lighting Mode

Switches the View Port lighting mode to and from these types of lighting:

Sun Status

Turns Sun Status on and off.

Sky Background (photometric lighting only)

LIGHTINGUNITS system variable set to 1 or 2 for photometric lighting activates the following options:

Light List

Activates the Lights in Model palette. This palette displays the lights that are available in the drawing and can be used to select lights and change properties.

Light Icons

Prompts you to place the following types of light in the drawing:

Geographical Location

Activates the Geographic Location dialog box.

Light Glyphs On

Turns the light glyphs on or off in the drawing.

Edit the Sun

Activates the Sun Properties window.

Brightness slider

Adjusts the brightness of the converted colors.

Contrast slider

Adjusts the brightness of the converted colors.

Mid Tones slider

Adjusts the mid tone values for exterior scenes lit by the sun. When LIGHTINGUNITS is set to 1 or 2 the slider becomes available.

Mid tones can also be adjusted in the Adjust Rendered Exposure dialog box or by using the LOGEXPMIDTONES system variable.