Cleaning Up After Your Reactors

Reactors are indeed very active. When you design an application that relies on them, you could very well spend a great deal of time crashing your program and possibly crashing AutoCAD as well. It helps to have a tool available to remove all the reactors you have added, if necessary.

The gpreact.lsp file includes a function gp:clean-all-reactors that doesn't do much on its own. Instead, it makes a call to the CleanReactors function. Add this function to your utils.lsp file by copying the following code to the end of the file:

;;;  Function: CleanReactors								;
;;;  Description: General utility function used for cleaning up  ;
;;; 		 reactors. It can be used during debugging, as  ;
;;; 		 well as cleaning up any open reactors before   ;
;;; 		 a drawing is closed.						 ;
(defun CleanReactors ()
  (mapcar 'vlr-remove-all