Test Driving Your Reactors

By now, you should have all the necessary pieces in place to use some live reactors.

To test the reactor code

  1. Load all the source code from your project. (Choose the Load Source Files button in the gpath project window.)

  2. Start the C:GPath function.

    The program will draw a garden path for you, just as you were able to in Lesson 5. You won't see anything interesting at first.

  3. Try the following actions after you draw the path:
    • Move a polyline vertex. Pick the polyline and turn on its grips, then drag a vertex to a new location.
    • Stretch the polyline.
    • Move the polyline.
    • Erase the polyline.

Examine the messages that appear. You are watching the behind-the-scenes activities of a powerful capability.

(If your application is not working correctly and you do not want to take the time to debug it right now, you can run the sample code provided in the Tutorial\VisualLISP\Lesson6 directory. Use the Gpath6 project in that directory.)

NoteBecause of the reactor behavior, you may notice that after testing a reactor sequence in AutoCAD, you cannot return to VLISP by pressing ALT + TAB, or by clicking to activate the VLISP window. If this happens, simply enter vlisp at the AutoCAD Command prompt to return to VLISP.