Wrapping Up Lesson 6

In this lesson, you were introduced to AutoCAD reactors and how to implement them using VLISP. You designed a plan for adding reactors to the garden path application, and added some of the code your program will need to implement the plan.

Reactors can add a great deal of functionality to an application, but remember—the more powerful your programs can be, the harder they can crash.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the way your application is designed, the reactor functionality is not persistent from one drawing session to the next. If you save a drawing that contains a garden path hooked up to reactors, the reactors will not be there the next time you open the drawing. You can learn about adding persistent reactors by reviewing the “Transient versus Persistent Reactors” topic in the AutoLISP Developer's Guide, and then reading about the referenced functions in the AutoLISP Reference.