Completing a Word by Apropos

If you have worked with AutoLISP before, you may have had to type in an expression similar to the one shown below:

(setq myEnt (ssname mySelectionSet ssIndex))

Often, it is confusing to keep track of all the selection set functions: ssname, ssget, sslength, and so on. VLISP can help, using its Complete Word by Apropos feature.

To use the Visual LISP Complete Word by Apropros feature

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the gpdraw.lsp file and enter the following on a blank line:
    (setq myEnt (ent

    VLISP displays a list of all AutoLISP symbols that begin with the letters ent.

    Use the cursor keys (the up and down arrow keys) to move through the list. Select ENTGET, then press ENTER.

    VLISP replaces the ent you typed with ENTGET.

  3. Delete the code.