Getting Help with a Function

The code that adds a lightweight polyline to the drawing calls a function named vla-addLightweightPolyline. Not only is that a lengthy term to write, but there are several functions whose names begin with vla-add that you will use to create entities. Rather than consulting a manual to look up the function name every time you create a program, let VLISP help.

To get help with using a function

  1. Enter the following on a blank line:
  3. Scroll through the list until you find vla-addLightweightPolyline.
  4. Double-click on vla-addLightweightPolyline.

    VLISP displays the Symbol Service dialog box for the selected function.

  5. Choose the Help button in the Symbol Service dialog box. (For ActiveX. functions, you will be directed to the ActiveX and VBA Reference.)

  6. Delete the changes you made to gpdraw.lsp; these were for demonstration purposes only. Also, close the Symbol Service and Apropos windows.