Saving a DCL File

Before saving the file containing your DCL, consider the fact that AutoCAD. must be able to locate your DCL file during runtime. For this reason, the file must be placed in one of the AutoCAD Support File Search Path locations. (If you are unsure about these locations, choose Tools Options from the AutoCAD menu and examine the Support File Search Path locations under the Files tab.)

For now, you can save the file in the AutoCAD Support directory.

To save your DCL file

  1. Choose File Save As from the VLISP menu.
  2. In the Save As Type field of the Save As dialog box, choose DCL Source Files from the pull-down menu.
  3. Change the Save In path to <AutoCAD directory>\Support.
  4. Enter the file name gpdialog.dcl.
  5. Choose Save.

Notice VLISP changes the syntax coloring scheme after you save the file. VLISP is designed to recognize DCL files and highlight the different types of syntactical elements.