Initializing the Default Dialog Values

If everything worked successfully in loading the dialog, you are ready to start setting up the values that will be displayed to users. A successful load is indicated if the flag variables dialogLoadedanddialogShow are both T (true).

Now set the initial values for the tile radius and spacing. The set_tile function assigns a value to a tile. An edit box deals with strings rather than numbers, so you need to use the rtos (convert Real TO String) function to convert your tile size variable values into strings in decimal format with a precision of two digits. The following code handles this conversion:

(if (and dialogLoaded dialogShow)
	;; Set the initial state of the tiles
	(set_tile "gp_trad" (rtos tileRad 2 2))
	(set_tile "gp_spac" (rtos tileSpace 2 2))