Defining Overall Program Goals

Developing an AutoLISP program begins with an idea for automating some aspect of AutoCAD.. It may be a need to speed up a repetitive drafting function, or to simplify a complex series of operations. For the tutorial, the garden path you want your program to draw is a complex shape with a variable number of components, based on initial input from the user. Here's what it will look like:

Your program must do the following to draw the garden path:

To see how things should work, you can run a completed version of the application that is supplied with AutoCAD.

To run the supplied example

  1. From the AutoCAD Tools menu, choose Load Application.
  2. Select gardenpath.vlx from the Tutorial\VisualLISP directory, and choose Load.
  3. Choose Close.
  4. At the Command prompt, enter gpath.
  5. Respond to the first two prompts by picking a start point and an endpoint in the AutoCAD drawing area.
  6. Enter 2 at the half-width of Path prompt.
  7. Choose OK when prompted by the Garden Path Tile Specifications dialog box.