Running the Program with Visual LISP

Running AutoLISP programs in VLISP allows you to use the many debugging features of VLISP to investigate problems that may occur in your application.

To load and run the program

  1. With the text editor window active, choose Tools Load Text in Editor from the VLISP menu.

  2. At the _$ prompt in the VLISP Console window, enter (C:GPath).

    The Console window expects commands to be entered in AutoLISP syntax, so all function names must be enclosed in parentheses.

  3. Press ENTER or click OK in response to the message windows. The final message should read “Congratulations - your program is complete!”
NoteIf AutoCAD is minimized when you run gpath, you will not see the prompts until you restore the AutoCAD window (using either the taskbar or ALT + TAB).