Tutorial Overview

Your goal in this tutorial is to develop a new command for AutoCAD that draws a garden path and fills it with circular tiles. The tutorial is divided into seven lessons. As you progress from lesson to lesson, you receive progressively less detailed instructions on how to perform individual tasks. Help is available in the VLISP documentation if you have any questions.

Lessons 4 and 5 are at an intermediate level and go beyond basic AutoLISP concepts. Lessons 6 and 7 contain advanced and fairly complex programming tasks and are designed for experienced AutoLISP developers.

If you chose the full installation option when you installed AutoCAD, the source code files are in the following directory:

<AutoCAD directory>\Tutorial\VisualLISP\

If you have already installed AutoCAD and did not install the samples, you can rerun the installation, choose Custom, and select only the Tutorials item.

It is recommended you do not modify the sample source code files supplied with AutoCAD. If something is not working correctly within your program, you may want to copy the supplied source code into your working directory. Throughout the tutorial, the working directory is referred to as:

<AutoCAD directory>\Tutorial\VisualLISP\MyPath

If you choose a different path for your working directory, substitute your directory name at the appropriate times.