Displays the AutoCAD color selection dialog box with tabs for index color, true color, and color books

(acad_truecolordlg color [allowbylayer] [currentlayercolor])



A dotted pair that describes the default color. The first element of the dotted pair must be one of the color-related DXF group codes (62, 420, or 430); for example, (62 . ColorIndex), (420 . TrueColor), or (430 . "colorbook$colorname").


If set to nil, disables the ByLayer and ByBlock buttons. Omitting the allowbylayer argument or setting it to a non-nil value enables the ByLayer and ByBlock buttons.


Optional dotted pair in the same form as color that sets the value of the bylayer/byblock color in the dialog.

Return Values

When the operation is successful, the function returns a list of one or more dotted pairs (depending on the tab on which the color is selected) describing the color selected. The last dotted pair in the list indicates the color selected. The function returns nil if the user cancels the dialog box.

Color book color

If the last item in the returned list is a 430 pair, then the specified color originates from a color book. This returned list will also contain a 420 pair that describes the corresponding true color and a 62 pair that describes the closest matching color index value.

True color

If the returned list contains a 420 pair as the last item, then a true color was specified (as “Red,Green,Blue”). The list will also contain a 62 pair that indicates the closest matching color index. No 430 pair will be present.

Color index

If the last item in the list is a 62 pair, then a color index was chosen. No other dotted pairs will be present in the returned list.


Open the color selection dialog to the Color Index tab and accept the purple default selection:

Command: (acad_truecolordlg '(62 . 215))

((62 . 215))

Open the color selection dialog to the True Color tab with a green default selection and with the By Layer and By Block buttons disabled:

Command: (acad_truecolordlg '(420 . 2686760) nil)

((62 . 80) (420 . 2686760))

Open the color selection dialog to the Color Books tab and accept the mustard default selection:

Command: (acad_truecolordlg '(430 . "RAL CLASSIC$RAL 1003"))

((62 . 40) (420 . 16235019) (430 . "RAL CLASSIC$RAL 1003"))