Places beginning and ending marks for Layer Previous recording

(acet-layerp-mark [status])

The acet-layerp-mark function allows you to group multiple layer commands into a single transaction so that they can be undone by issuing LAYERP a single time. LAYERPMODE must be on in order to set marks.



Specifying T sets a begin mark. Specifying nil sets an end mark, clearing the begin mark.

If status is omitted, acet-layerp-mark returns the current mark status for layer settings.

Return Values

T if a begin mark is in effect; otherwise nil.


The following code changes layer 0 to blue, and then makes several additional layer changes between a set of begin and end marks. If you issue LAYERP after running this code, layer 0 reverts to blue.

(defun TestLayerP ()
  ;; Turn LAYERPMODE on, if it isn't already
  (if (not (acet-layerp-mode))
	(acet-layerp-mode T)

  ;; Set layer 0 to the color blue
  (command "_.layer" "_color" "blue" "0" "")

  ;; Set a begin mark
  (acet-layerp-mark T)

  ;; Issue a series of layer commands, and then set an end mark
  (command "_.layer" "_color" "green" "0" "")
  (command "_.layer" "_thaw" "*" "")
  (command "_.layer" "_unlock" "*" "")
  (command "_.layer" "_ltype" "hidden" "0" "")
  (command "_.layer" "_color" "red" "0" "")

  ;; Set an end mark
  (acet-layerp-mark nil)
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