Translates drawing layers to standards defined in another drawing or standards file

(acet-laytrans “filename” [settings])



A string specifying a file containing layer mappings to be used for translation.


A bit-coded integer specifying Layer Translator processing options. The bits can be added together in any combination to form a value between 0 and 15. If the settings argument is omitted, a value of 15 (all options selected) is assumed. The bit values are as follows:

0 No options

1 Force entity color to BYLAYER

2 Force entity linetype to BYLAYER

4 Translate objects in blocks

8 Write transaction log

Return Values

T if translation is successful; otherwise nil.


The following command translates the current drawing using layer mappings saved in LayMap.dwg. No transaction log will be produced, but all other processing options will be in effect.

Command: (acet-laytrans "c:/my documents/cad drawings/LayMap.dwg" 7)


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