Assigns an action to evaluate when the user selects the specified tile in a dialog box

(action_tile key action-expression)

The action assigned by action_tile supersedes the dialog box's default action (assigned by new_dialog) or the tile's action attribute, if these are specified. The expression can refer to the tile's current value as $value, its name as $key, its application-specific data (as set by client_data_tile) as $data, its callback reason as $reason, and its image coordinates (if the tile is an image button) as $x and $y.



A string that names the tile that triggers the action (specified as its key attribute). This argument is case-sensitive.


A string naming the expression evaluated when the tile is selected.

NoteYou cannot call the AutoLISP command function from the action_tile function.

Return Values



If edit1 is a text box, the action expression in the following action_tile call is evaluated when the user exits the text box:

(action_tile "edit1" "(setq ns $value)")
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