Loads an ObjectARX application

(arxload application [onfailure]) 



A quoted string or a variable that contains the name of an executable file. You can omit the .arx extension from the file name.

You must supply the full path name of the ObjectARX executable file, unless the file is in a directory that is in the AutoCAD support file search path.


An expression to be executed if the load fails.

Return Values

The application name, if successful. If unsuccessful and the onfailure argument is supplied, arxload returns the value of this argument; otherwise, failure results in an error message.

If you attempt to load an application that is already loaded, arxload issues an error message. You may want to check the currently loaded ObjectARX applications with the arx function before using arxload.


Load the acbrowse.arx file supplied in the AutoCAD installation directory:

Command: (arxload "c:/program files/ <AutoCAD installation directory>/acbrowse.arx")

"c:/program files/ <AutoCAD installation directory>/acbrowse.arx"

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