Removes an entry from the specified dictionary

(dictremove ename symbol)

By default, removing an entry from a dictionary does not delete it from the database. This must be done with a call to entdel. Currently, the exceptions to this rule are groups and mlinestyles. The code that implements these features requires that the database and these dictionaries be up to date and, therefore, automatically deletes the entity when it is removed (with dictremove) from the dictionary.



Name of the dictionary being modified.


The entry to be removed from ename.

The dictremove function does not allow the removal of an mlinestyle from the mlinestyle dictionary if it is actively referenced by an mline in the database.

Return Values

The entity name of the removed entry. If ename is invalid or symbol is not found, dictremove returns nil.


The following example removes the dictionary created in the dictadd example:

Command: (dictremove (namedobjdict) "my_way_cool_dictionary")

<Entity name: 1d98950>

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