Terminates a dialog box

(done_dialog [status])



A positive integer that start_dialog will return instead of returning 1 for OK or 0 for Cancel. The meaning of any status value greater than 1 is determined by your application.

You must call done_dialog from within an action expression or callback function (see ).

Return Values

A two-dimensional point list that is the (X,Y) location of the dialog box when the user exited it.

Usage Notes

If you provide a callback for the button whose key is "accept" or "cancel" (usually the OK and Cancel buttons), the callback must call done_dialog explicitly. If it doesn't, the user can be trapped in the dialog box. If you don't provide an explicit callback for these buttons and use the standard exit buttons, AutoCAD handles them automatically. Also, an explicit AutoLISP action for the “accept” button must specify a status of 1 (or an application-defined value); otherwise, start_dialog returns the default value, 0, which makes it appear as if the dialog box was canceled.